October 2016 foreign arrival totals for Bali hit 369,261 – a number 8% ahead of arrivals in the same month of 2015 (341,651). 

Meanwhile year-on-year for the first 10 months of 2015, arrivals totaled 3,058,326 that was 7.57% more than the same period one year earlier.

Facing challenges on several fronts in the form of a worldwide terror caution following the November 13th ISIS attack in Paris and volcanic uncertainty as Mount Barujari continues to erupt on nearby Lombok Island, Bali will have to struggle to break the 4 million mark for foreign tourist arrivals for all of 2015.

The effect of cancelled flights to and from Australia due to volcanic activity is demonstrated in Australian arrivals for the month of October 2015 with 93,124 visitors – a number just 2.5% more than October 2014 (90,828). Australian arrivals can no longer be said to be “booming” to Bali with a year-on-year performance that is largely flat, increasing only 1%.

Australian arrivals are also suffering due to lingering resentment over what is seen as selective discrimination against Aussie travelers who have been denied, some say petulantly so, visa free access to Indonesia. There is also a horrendous misfire by the immigration chief at the Bali airport who announced Australians would be limited to two purchased visas on arrival in any twelve month period. That pronouncement, abruptly withdrawn ten days after it was announced, continues to make the rounds in Australia dissuading frequent visitors to Bali from making a return trip. 

More flights connecting Bali and Mainland China have boosted Chinese arrivals to Bali that have increased 4.2% in October when compared to October 2014. For the first ten months of 2015, Chinese arrivals are up 20.53%.

Japanese arrivals have improved 9.02% in 2015, but still fall far short of totals achieved less than 10 years ago when they were the greatest source of Bali’s inbound visitors.

Both Malaysian and Singaporean arrivals to Bali are down dramatically year on year, declining 13.73% and 18.53%, respectively. 

Even more dismal are arrivals from Russia that have declined 32.39%. The Russian holiday market that declined by half in January 2014, can be expected to decline further in January 2016.

Continuing to turn in strong performances year-on-year during the first ten months of 2015 are the U.K. (+28.82%), USA (+18.54%), Germany (+14.65%), The Netherlands (+15.75%), India (+27.37%), New Zealand (+15.76%), Canada (+20.39%) and the Swiss (+30.37%).

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